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Our damp proofing services cover Wirral, Liverpool, and the Northwest. We offer expert damp treatment and prevention with honest reliable advice and efficient procedures. At DampWise we believe in getting to the root cause of the damp issue and finding an effective solution to properly solve the problem.

Our methods are especially effective with older buildings, which can be more prone to damp issues, as they were often built without cavity walls or damp proofing courses. With a proven track record, combined with modern methods and materials, DampWise will diagnose, treat, and repair any damp problem in your property.

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Rising Damp

Rising Damp

Common in older buildings, the effect of Rising Damp is not limited to old properties and newer builds can also be affected. Signs to look out for when diagnosing rising damp include a 'tide mark' or salty looking residue on affected walls...

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Penetrating Damp

Rising Damp

Over time with weathering and general use defects can appear in the roof, windows, doors, etc of a structure which can allow water to enter. A build up of moisture will cause the decay of masonry and plasterwork and also...

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Condensation & Mould

Mould & Mildew

Moisture is naturally present all around us but when the temperature drops and the surrounding air becomes colder it can form condensation. It is common to see condensation in bathrooms and kitchens for...

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Property Buyers Advice

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If you are looking to buy a property to own or let and require an inspection to determine the integrity of the building, call us on 0800 644 0544 or use our contact form and one of our friendly staff will call you back to arrange an inspection.

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