Condensation, Fungal Mould & Mildew

Moisture is naturally present all around us but when the temperature drops and the surrounding air becomes colder it can form condensation. It is common to see condensation in bathrooms and kitchens for example when bathing, showering, cooking and drying clothes.


Condensation can become worse during the winter period and often becomes a problem in homes which are not heated or insulated properly. If left to accumulate it can cause stains and damage to wallpaper and window frames and can form into mildew or fungal mould usually appearing as a build up of black spots. Apart from the damage to property, airborne spores produced by the mould can affect respiratory complaints such as asthma.

Treatment & Prevention

If you discover mould growth in your home it is important that you don't try and paint over the problem without proper treatment first. Our DampWise experts can advise on the probable causes and effective treatment of mildew and fungal mould caused by damp.

The proper balance of heating, ventilation, and insulation in the property will all be taken into account and we can install and advise on systems that will reduce the moisture that is produced and prevent the further growth of mould and mildew.

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