Penetrating Damp

Over time with weathering and general use defects can appear in the roof, windows, doors, etc of a structure which can allow water to enter. A build up of moisture will cause the decay of masonry and plasterwork and also cause wet and dry rot in woodwork.

The effects of penetrating damp will not always show up immediately and can remain invisible for some time. Our experts can locate any defects to the structure of a building and anticipate and detect the damage caused by penetrating damp.

Water ingress can be caused by a number of things, including:

  • Blocked or broken gutters
  • Broken or displaced roof tiles
  • Deterioration of flashing around chimneys
  • Decay and subsequent failure of mortar in brickwork
  • Blocked and infefficient air bricks
  • Pipes that have cracked or broken
  • Failure of the seal around window frames

Treatment & Prevention

Leaks must be identified, defects repaired and all water ingress stopped. The affected area must then be fully dried out and internal timbers and plasterwork treated and replaced where necessary to prevent further structural damage to the building.

Wet & Dry Rot

Wet and Dry Rot both start in similar ways and can appear in buildings of any age. Rot occurs in timber which has been allowed to get wet for a period of time and is caused by a fungus which destroys the timber. To effectively treat cases of wet and dry rot it is vital to correctly identify the type and cause of the timber's decay.

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